The beginning...

Two lads decide to take a holiday from their careers and end up with two shops and life-altering experiences.

Thank you for joining us on our journey off the beaten path, and onto the dirt road marked with a decrepit sign: "Business Life". 

Before we started, we thought the dirt road would deliver lots of twists and turns, some nice scenery, plenty of pit stops and an oasis at the end.

Now we know that the dirt road will fuck you up.

There's dense fog so you can't see what's ahead, monsters around every corner (and often also in the fog) who will beat you with spiked clubs, quicksand that'll devour you faster than you can say "Help", trees with fruits that'll turn out to be poisonous, and a howling sound that never stops.

We've battled demons, fought our way out of traps and quicksand and have been fighting for survival for the last ten months. 

We'll look back and share some of our sweetest victories and heartbreaking defeats. 

We're still moving forward, dragging one foot in front of the other at a time...

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