Radical candor is the only way.

Radical candor is the only way.

"Tell me off. Please.

Don’t tip-toe around the issue. Address the elephant. Walk up to me and tell me directly to me face.

Your silence shows me you don’t care about me or the issue. Your silence is disrespectful and will lead to resentment.

Your direct feedback, however painful, gives me the opportunity to grow. It is immensely valuable to me despite what I may so to the contrary.

I pray that in that fiery moment, I am humble enough to receive it."

One of our associates helped us understand the value of radical candor. We took issue with her speed and efficiency, and instead of directly addressing it, we sent our team messages asking what she was doing, how long individual tasks were taking, basically everything but directly challenging her. Even more embarrassing was the fact I was proud I was becoming a 'tougher boss'.

The next day, she pulled us aside spoke her mind; she felt we didn't care about her, we weren't being clear about our expectations and we failed to help her grow and develop.

All true. And so we have instituted radical candor across all of our businesses and ventures. 

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Timing is hard.

Timing is hard.

The title of this book is all you really need.